100 Years Of Bicycle Posters

Just in time for those nice Summer rides, this large beauty of a book is a great compilation of amazing bike posters. 100 years worth to be exact. Perfect for the coffee table, but if you’re trying to get creative, you can make about 50 framed posters out of this book. Released in 1973, this one is a rare 1st edition. Get it while it’s hot.

Excerpt from preface:
“This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the two machines that have had a profound influence on us. It was roughly in 1872 that color lithography, which made colorful pictorial posters possible, came into popular use; it was also about 1872 that the modern bicycle evolved. It is the coincidence of these two inventions—the modern bicycle and the modern poster—converging and maturing at about the same time, that interested me. It is this founding and parallel growth, as evidenced by the bicycle posters, that this book illustrates.”

$130, phone orders available. Call the shop at (323) 651-0131.

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