House Industries Exhibit Wrap-Up

We’d like to thank everyone for attending last Friday’s House Industries exhibit at Reserve, both the locals and the attendees from Typecon, and everyone from House. And still available at the shop are the House/Reserve collaboration t-shirts and tote bags.

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  1. [...] Convention di Los Angeles, la scorsa settimana il Reserve Store di Freshjive ha ospitato una mostra di lavori realizzati negli anni da House Industries. A seguito della mostra esce oggi una [...]

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  3. [...] Here is a new collaboration between House Industries, Freshjive, and the Reserve store. The “Type Nerd” t-shirt and the Ampersand tote bag in 2 prints. These items coincide with last week’s House exhibit at the Reserve store, which coincided with the annual TYPECON convention in Los Angeles. Check out the re-cap of the event  – HERE.  [...]